Jeremy Weiss – Course Leader

Jeremy runs Proper Edges, specialising in rural skills, services, products and training. His main focus is on hedge laying and restoration, cleft chestnut gates and scythe mowing. He is a Devon Rural Skills Trust approved instructor and is an experienced teacher with a deep passion for hedges and the Devon countryside.

Sasha Georgiades – Course Facilitator

Sasha has been working with Jeremy for 4 years, learning about the traditional managment of hedges through direct experience. She is also a Devon Rural Skills Trust trainee. She has developed a close relationship with hedges and has a particular interest in spreading the hedge love to unsuspecting friends.

Jolyon Lynham – Bushcraft

Jolyon grew up surrounded by Nature, spending much of his childhood outdoors learning bushcraft and riding bikes. He is an assistant teacher at Wild School in Buckfastleigh and also assists on Wildwise courses. He has been working as a part time apprentice to Jeremy Weiss for the last year.

Ele Waters – Foraging

Ele has developed a deep connection to nature and enjoys foraging for food and fibre in hedges, fields and woodlands. She has an extensive knowledge of wild plants and their uses as food, fibre and medicine and she runs a permaculture project called Pentiddy Woods alongside her husband, Anthony.

Anthony Waters – Green Woodwork

Anthony, of Heartwood Creations, is an experienced craftsman, hedge layer and woodsman based at Pentiddy Woods in Cornwall where he runs a smallholding with his wife, Ele. Anthony has many years of experience teaching green woodwork.

Linda Lemieux – Basketry

Linda is a professional basket maker and rushworker who loves making baskets from materials foraged from her home on Dartmoor. Linda says that sourcing materials from hedgerows helps to lighten her ‘footprint’ and connect her to her natural environment and ingeniously crafty ancestors! Linda teaches at Schumacher College, Exeter University, on The Old Way, and on short courses at her workshop.

Sean Hellman – Spoon Carving

Sean‘s recent book “Sharp” is the bible of tool sharpening, his previous book on shaving horses and woodland vices has inspired people around the world to make and design their own wooden work holding devices. Sean is also a maker and sells around the country at events and shows as well as teaching and demonstrating green woodwork and sharpening.  

Melissa Milne – Tool Sharpening

Melissa is an artist and wooden sign maker based in Totnes. She has a love of working with hand tools and is keen to enthuse others about the importance of good tool care. As a result she has developed workshops on general care, sharpening and re-handling.

John Day – Landscape Ecology and History

John is a local landscape ecologist with over 45 years of professional experience throughout Britain. He specialises in interpreting living landscapes and is an accomplished botanist. In the 1990’s he undertook a biography of the site on which our hedge grows so he has an intimate knowledge of the local area.

Dominic Sheldon – Ecology

Dominic is a local ecologist with degrees in archaology and ecology. He has a deep knowledge of the flora and fauna of hedges. He works for Ecologic Consultants LLP as a senior ecologist with a wide range of experience but specialising in botany and badgers.

Jordan Harris – Charcoal Making

Jordan is a woodsman, charcoal burner and tool handle maker from Ashburton, on the edge of Dartmoor. He has a strong connection to the land and uses ecologicially sensitive and low impact methods wherever possible.

Magnus McKay – Stone Hedging

Magnus is a highly skilled rural craftsman specialising in hedge laying, dry stone walling and stone facing hedge banks. He is a former Devon Rural Skills Trust trainee and now an approved instructor with a Master Craftsman certificate in hedge laying.